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When it comes to quality and performance, PCM have no peer. For over 30 years, PCM has been creating high quality marine engines that provide performance, durability, reliability and ultimately a more pleasurable boating experience.

Costa Marine is one of only 6 global PCM Partners and is a factory trained Premium Dealer Service Centre.

In the PCM Range is:
The Excalibur 343 is the flagship engine in the PCM range and provides the ultimate in performance and durability. Featuring multi-port fuel injection, the EX-343 is the choice of over 90 percent of our skiboat buyers.
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And the new ZR409 is a 6.0 litre GM Vortec engine which is incredibly powerful yet fuel efficient and the ZR-409 is rated at 409 horsepower. 

The ZR-409 is super quiet, incredibly smooth, and provides exhilirating performance. And for all this power and performance, the ZR-409 still runs on standard octane fuel while the competition's high performance engines require premium. 
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No body builds a stronger engine than PCM
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