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When it comes to performance, the new PCM ZR-409 is the flagship of the line-up. Incredibly powerful yet fuel efficient, the ZR-409 is rated at 409 horsepower. The ZR-409 features PCM's new HO exhaust system, has high performance aluminum heads, and is freshwater cooled. The distributorless ignition with platinum tip spark plugs stretches maintenance intervals into years. The serpentine belt system and modular raw water pump make routine maintenance a snap. The stainless steel pump is tough and specially engineered for the demands of the marine environment. 

The ZR-409 is super quiet, incredibly smooth, and provides neck-snapping performance. And for all this power, the ZR-409 still runs on standard octane fuel while the competition's high performance engines require premium. 
 V-8 Rated 
Fuel System:
Multi-Port Fuel Injection
Prop Rotation:
LH or RH 

˜Power rated at the crankshaft in accordance with NMMA procedure
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PCM Are All About Performance
PCM's exclusive free-breathing, high performance exhaust system mates perfectly with GM's Marine Vortec block, which allows the engine to achieve its maximum performance capability.
Our Ride is as Smooth as Silk
• Vibe-Free Mounting System.
• Precision precompressed adjustable mount.
• Rubber isolators for vibration-free performance.
• Versatile six-way adjustment for trouble-free installation.
• Unique rear mount system provides double support for added stability and strength.
Boats powered by PCM have the smoothest, most vibration-free ride available, thanks to PCM's exclusive Adjust-a-Flex Mounting System. Larger, more robust mounts remain micro adjustable for life thanks to non-corrosive stainless steel components.
The Ultimate Cooling System
• Full freshwater cooling protects entire engine assembly.
• Transmission cooler.
• High volume stainless steel modular raw pump.
• Thermostatically controlled cooling system.
PCM knows that effective cooling is the heart of engine durability. Years of experience have led to our new modular raw water pump, which was specially designed for water sports boats. The large stainless steel pump is an integral part of the engine, driven by the auto-tensioning serpentine belt. The result is the ultimate in cooling and lasting durability.
PCM Power Plus™ Transmission
PCM revolutionized the marine industry with the introduction of our own exclusive transmissions, specifically designed for water sports application. Today the PCM Power Plus Transmission continues to lead the pack with the smoothest, quietest transmission on the market.
Power Plus transmissions reduce parasitic loss of horsepower, delivering considerably more power to the propeller.
We'll Keep You Charged Up
• Electronic Ignition.
• 12-volt negative ground system.
• Overload damage protection by a manual reset circuit breaker.
• High-torque positive-engagement top-mount marine starter.
• Prewired wiring harness.
Today's water sports boats drive lots of gadgets and big stereo power. All PCM engines have a 100amp alternator the handle the load.
Maintenance Is Easy
• Full pressure full flow filtering system.
• Positive crankcase ventilation.
• Remote oil filter for easy maintenance.
With the exception of periodic oil and impeller changes, PCM engines are virtually maintenance-free. Thanks to PCM's remote oil filter and the exclusive modular raw water pump design, routine maintenance is a simple process.
Multi-Port Fuel Injection Engine Management System
• Increased fuel efficiency.
• The latest in multi-port technology Engine Management System.
• Knock sensor adjusts for low octane fuel
• Automatic spark advance provides peak performance in all operating conditions.
• Monitors the vital signs of the lubrication and cooling systems.
• Rev limiter prevents engine damage from over-revving.
• Two-pump fuel system eliminates vapour lock.
• Premium fuel filter/water separator protects EFI system against contaminated fuel.

Standard on every PCM EFI engine, DTC provides smooth, instantaneous and constant throttle response throughout the RPM range.
The Fuel Control Cell guarantees fuel delivery to the injectors and absolutely forbids vapour lock. The robust two-pump system delivers fuel precisely. The easily serviced 10 micron fuel filter / water separator protects the injectors.
Exhaust System
• Free breathing pyramidal exhaust manifold.
• High level exhaust discharge.
• Reversible exhaust riser system.
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